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Title: In Your Neighborhood w/Lou Niles
Post by: Jessica on February 05, 2016, 08:39:17 AM
Hello everyone; just really have to thank everyone who helped capture and create what is "In Your Neighborhood w/Lou Niles" there are three episodes I had a great time making; they wouldn't be what they are without the amazing creativity and hard work of Carly Starr Brullo-Niles of Love Machine Films and the amazing people that put in their time for her. My first episode was about Bill Perrine and his great film "It's Gonna Blow...."; my second was about Pall Jenkinsand Joe Plummer's cool band Built In Sun; and the third about D Dove, and her forthcoming album; More will be released featuring P.O.D., Jewel Kilchur [sic], San Diego Rock Photography, Art, Music, Film, Culture and so much more. I'm excited to be included in the San Diego Film Awards; check out the Winter Showcase next weekend at the MOPA in Balboa Park. see more episodes here



Lou Niles, as you may or may not know, is the fella from 91X in San Diego who played Jewel's music before she hit it big!

Jewel was first, Live on 91X Loudspeaker over 22 years ago! (http://www.91x.com/loudspeaker/jewel-first-live-91x-loudspeaker-22-years-ago/)

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Jewel’s mega hit album “Pieces of You” on Atlantic records. I would also argue that the success of this album helped pave the way for a flood of singer songwriters and a surge in business in acoustic guitars and radio stations playing a softer side of “alternative”. See “Triple A”, “Adult Alternative”, “Lilith Fair” etc. The success of the album changed the lives of Jewel and our local hero Steve Poltz forever. Steve was a key collaborator and songwriter on “You Were Meant For Me” and also co -wrote other songs on the album.

The story behind all this is that Jewel was first on the radio right here on 91x on the Loudspeaker show with Lou Niles in late 1992 and early 1993 years before the release of “Pieces of You” (Feb. 28th, 1995) and before her meteoric rise to stardom.

My good friend Steve Poltz invited me to a Rugburns show at the Tiki Bar in P.B. telling me he had a surprise and I had to check it out. This was when the Rugburns was just Steve and Doc. About 3/4th of the way through the set they pull this cute young blond from the alley doorway to jump on stage. She wasn’t old enough to be in the bar. Jewel did three songs and blew my mind. I followed her out into the alley and asked her for her cassette to play on my show Loudspeaker. She didn’t have ANY recorded music so I asked her if she would be o.k. or too nervous to come in and play Live on the air. We could tape that and then we both would have something recorded that she could have and that I could have to continue to play on the show. She came in two times and played live acoustic over the airwaves and I still have one of those tapes. You can here it now and then on 91x Loudspeaker on Sunday nights 7pm to 10pm where you here all the best local music and your sometimes here international stars long before they are famous.